Shark Vally

Everglades National Park

Baby Alligator

Baby Alligator

If you’re hoping to see Sharks in shark valley your going to be disappointed. however, if you looking for a walk/bike thru the Everglades and see some wildlife your going to be surprised. Shark Valley is located in the Everglades National Park, Its 40 minutes drive from Miami and 1hr 20 minutes from Fort Lauderdale.


Walking Shark Valley

Walking Shark Valley

“If you’re using a taxi service make sure you have a ride back taxies are not easy to find in the Everglades”


“Remember Florida heat is real plan your trip for early morning and bring lots of water. Florida is also lightning capital be aware of the weather”

Shark Valley has a 15-mile loop that goes thru the Everglades If you’re visiting during the winter baby alligators could be heard in the water. The center of the loop is an observation tower. The bike ride would take about 2-3 hours that’s with plenty of stops along the way. If you decided to walk the path plan to walk the whole day. I found myself stopping often to take pictures. Also, the park fee is good for 7 days at the Everglades National Park there is a lot to explore.

Shark Valley

Shark Valley Alligator



  • Bring sunblock & hat
  • Bring water there is no shade here
  • Come early that’s when the wildlife is active
  • Bring a bike
  • Bring your camera


Shark Valley Visitor Center

Located in: Everglades National Park
Address: 36000 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33194

Hours:  8:30AM-6PM 7 Days a week “hours subject to change”
Phone: (305) 221-8776

Fee: Park entrance fee is $25 Fees valid for 7 days at any Everglades National Park entrance.

Bike rental fee is $9 per hour on a first-come, first-served basis.

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