Phil foster Park

Underwater snorkeling trail

Phil Foster is located in Riviera Beach, It’s a one hour drive from Fort Lauderdale. The Park is open 7 days a week and offers free limited parking. This is a really cool dive location but a few notes should be taken. The best snorkeling time is 1 to 2 hours before High tide. A dive flag is required for this snorkeling adventure or else you may get a ticket. The parking is limited at this location so plan to arrive early.

” Whether you swim, snorkel, scuba, or freedive; please help protect Florida reefs. Corals are colonies of very small animals which may take hundreds of years to form the structures visible today. Please don’t walk upon or stand on coral, as this can kill the living coral polyps that are the builders of the reef structure”

Marine life

This location is abundant with marine life everything from the very small seahorses to not so small manatees. I recommend taking your time also be aware of your surroundings because this is a highly popular snorkeling location safety is important. If you did not bring your snorkeling equipment there are plenty of dive shops available in the area.

Peanut Island Park

The little island across the park is called Peanut Island. If you have a kayak paddle board or hitched a ride here remember to bring some food and water concessions are not available on the island. The island has the historic John F. Kennedy Bunker however at the moment it is closed. For more information click here

Map of the trail

Phil Foster Snorkeling Trail Map

Phil Foster Snorkeling Trail Map


Tide chart information Click Here


  • Dive flag is required.
  • Come 2 hours before high tide.
  • Always swim with a dive buddy its more fun.
  • Bring water, snorkeling gear, and towels.
  • Pick up some snacks at the Publix on the way

Park information Phil Foster.

Address: 900 Blue Heron Blvd, Riviera Beach, FL 33404

Hours:· Sunrise until Sunset 7 days a week

Phone: (561) 966-6600

For more information visit

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